I live in Indiana County and work in Pittsburgh.
I make that drive 5 times a week.
Sometimes more !
I drive past several beer distributors in my travels, but the only place
I call "my" distributor, is the Beer Arena.
I am an iron worker and I work very hard for a living.
I MUST have my beer FRESH and cold.
I have never got a bad batch of beer at the Arena.
And, the people that work there always treat me as if they've known me all of my life. And, they always keep me posted as to anything new that they think I might like. I enjoy trying new brews, and they have kept me in the loop.
And, the prices are MUCH better than what I would pay closer to home !
                             Matthew M.

Allow this letter to serve as a heart felt testimonial for Mike who owns the Beer Arena.
There are a lot of new beers flooding the country. Some of them are from areas far from Pittsburgh.
Mike has always been more than happy to order anything I am interested in, and he always has it QUICK !
His prices, even on chips, are great, and I always receive top tier service !
                                                                 Glen Z.

I bought my husband a beermeister for his Birthday last year. Now, we can have draft beer at our home for all of the football games. The staff at Beer Arena is great because any time we need a new keg, there is always someone there who places it in my car for me. All the guys and gals who work there rally go out of their way to make you feel you are more than just a beer drinker !
                                                                   Cindy C.